Farm Chemicals

Farm Chemicals

Farm Chemicals

Dependable Farm Chemical to increase your yields

At Bolduc & Sons, we know how important the right farm chemicals can be to maximizing your crop yields. So, we have partnered with the industry’s best suppliers of farm chemicals to provide a full offering of the pesticides, fertilizers, soil conditioners, and growth regulating chemicals your crops need. Beyond selling farm chemicals, we also work with our farmers to develop custom solutions for your soil and crops. We offer a full range of services, including soil testing, grid mapping, custom spraying, and custom fertilizer application.

Our 4th-generation company specializes in the sale and application of farm chemicals in Henry, Stark, and Knox counties in Illinois. Bolduc and Sons has the team, equipment, and chemicals to take care of your farming needs. Most importantly, when you are looking to maximize your yields, you need to work with trusted experts. Let us put our expertise to work for you!


Farm Chemicals to meet your needs

  • Herbicides – eliminate weeds and other competition to the water, space, and nutrients your plants need to grow.
  • Insecticides – stop insects and pests that eat and destroy your crops.
  • Fungicides – mitigate fungus and other diseases that can hurt or even kill your plants.
  • Fertilizers – provide the essential nutrients to promote strong growth.
  • Soil conditioners – improve soil pH, water retention, and nutrient storage.
  • Plant growth regulators – promote and influence the growth and development of plant tissue at the cellular level.

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To learn more about our farm chemicals and related services, contact us at 309-334-2153 today. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.