Fertilizer Application


Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer Application

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Fertilizers are necessary for crops, gardens and farming operations, providing essential nutrients to developing flowers, trees and vegetation. They work essentially as a multi-vitamin for the plant world. Many fertilizers also help the soil to retain water better and allow the air to flow freely for healthy roots. Here at Bolduc and Sons, we specialize in the sale of bulk farm supplies (cash and carry) in Henry, Stark, and Knox counties in Illinois. By extension, we also offer custom spraying, custom lime and fertilizer application, and custom ammonia application.

Our 4th-generation company owns and operates three divisions: Bolduc Transportation,  Woodhull Oil, and Bolduc Ag, which is the division in which we sell all types of fertilizers. In business for decades and generations, we offer services designed to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Whether you’re in the agriculture or construction industry, you can benefit from our timely services, quality products and affordable rates. Choose us with confidence for all your fertilizer needs.

Dry and Liquid Fertilizers

At Bolduc and Sons, we offer both dry and liquid fertilizers for all farming applications. Whatever your preference may be, we have the products to support the growth of your crops.

Dry Fertilizer

Granular in nature, dry fertilizers provide nutrients for plants that release over a period of time. Farmers will either mix dry fertilizer into the soil before planting or top-dress already planted crops by spreading fertilizer over the top of a field.

  • POTASH – a potassium-rich salt mined from ancient sea beds. This naturally occurring mineral is the most widely used potassium fertilizer and is crucial to maintaining healthy plant growth.
  • UREA – an important nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Urea has the highest nitrogen content of any fertilizer on the market and helps promote green leafy growth.

Liquid Fertilizer

A fertilizer concentrate mixed with water produces what’s known as liquid fertilizer. Farms use liquid fertilizers primarily for the control and flexibility of them. It’s simple to add more or less of a fertilizer concentrate to water so to provide as effective a fertilizer as you require.

  • UAN 28% & UAN 32% – a nitrogen-rich solution containing both urea and ammonium nitrate. This combination of different forms of nitrogen helps to ensure your plants get the nitrogen they need, all in a single application. The nitrogen concentration in UAN can very from 28-32% depending on your unique needs.

Benefits of Agricultural Fertilizers

Modern industrial agriculture heavily depends on the use of fertilizers for crop production, as there are many benefits to its use. For example, they contain the primary plant nutrients of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. They are designated in specific ratios customized for the specific growth requirements of crops, such as corn, lettuce and tomatoes.

The nutrients gained from fertilizers allow crops to thrive even in depleted soils, as the plant’s basic nutritional requirements are still being met. For example, here are some of the benefits:

  • Predictable, Efficient Nutrient Source: Fertilizers contain a certain ratio of phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen, which dissolve into the plant and reach its cells quickly. It’s this nutrient consistency that allows for efficient production on a commercial scale.
  • Faster, Bigger Crops: Because fertilizers provide plants with primary nutrients, they can grow more quickly and more massive than if they weren’t given any.
  • Increased Harvest Yields: Due to the quick and efficient production, fertilizers help to boost harvest yields, which makes food affordable and cuts down on the costs of production.
  • Inexpensive, Easy to Transport: Synthetic fertilizers are affordable to produce and buy and are easier to transport than other organic soil amendments like animal manure.
A tractor spreading Fertilizers over a field of crops

As you can see, there are many pros to using fertilizers in your agricultural and commercial applications. Let Bolduc and Sons supply you with the farm supplies you need to run your operation efficiently. No matter what you need, we can get it to you!

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