Lime Application

Lime Application

Lime Application

Fast and Efficient Lime Application Through Bolduc & Sons

If in the agriculture industry, you understand how important lime application can be to future crop growth. Thus, it’s crucial to find help from experts when the time comes again for your soil to be rejuvenated. And Bolduc & Sons has the team, equipment and lime supply necessary for quick and thorough lime application.

What is Lime Application?

If lime application is something you’ve never done for your fields, now’s the time to consider it. Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock. Limestone naturally contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, two compounds that make the soil less acidic and restore otherwise missing nutrients.

Why Do You Need It?

Besides restoring nutrients to your soil, ag lime reverses soil acidification. And as a farmer, you understand how essential soil management is to meeting yearly crop yield goals.

  • Reverse Soil Acidification – While fertilizers are a necessary component to growing crops, extended use of some fertilizers can lead to the loss of pH in the soil, otherwise known as soil acidification. And with too much pH missing, crop yields can take a hit. Thus, the goal of lime application is to reintroduce pH into your soil.
  • Increase Fertility – Not every patch of dirt can grow crops. Especially to the level farmers require their yields to be, untreated soil cannot support enough growth. However, with lime application, you can slowly begin to transform the fertility of your land. While changes won’t occur overnight, lime application will help your soil produce more over time.
  • Balancing Nutrients – There’s always a push and pull when it comes to proper soil management. Your fields can be rich in one type of nutrient but severely lacking in another. Ag lime acts as one half of a balancing act between it and fertilizer. Too much or too little pH in your soil can lock away key nutrients crops need to grow.

When is the Right Time for Lime Application?

So you can begin preparing your field for lime application, here are some of the best times for having it applied and how long you can expect for it to show results:

  • In the Fall – Often, we find fall to be the best time for lime application. Depending on the crops you grow, much of the harvest is completed by September or October. Applying lime after the growing season gives it time to react with your soil, correcting pH levels for next year’s crop.
  • Every Four Years – However, we don’t recommend lime application every year around fall (unless your soil’s pH levels are suffering). On average, you should only need fresh ag lime for your fields every four years.

Give Us a Call

After you’ve tested your soil’s pH levels and found them to be too low, give Bolduc & Sons a call. Within days, we’ll be out on your farm, ready with fast and efficient lime application. To learn more about this service, or the other products and services we offer, call Bolduc & Sons today at 309-334-2153. Also, we are located at 222 E 4th St, Woodhull, IL 61490.