Rock and Lime Delivery

Rock and Lime Delivery

Limestone getting ready to be picked up as a part of a Rock and Lime Delivery

Your Source for Rock and Lime Delivery

When you need bulk rock and lime delivery, look to the best: Bolduc and Sons. From pulverized limestone to white rock to gravel, we deliver it all. Why stop production to go pick up a delivery with your own trucks? Instead, one phone call to us can set you on a schedule for delivery whenever you need it. Rely on our fourth generation company that owns and operates three companies: Bolduc Ag, Bolduc Transportation, and Woodhull Oil Co. Our services make your life easier on the go, no matter what kind of business you own, from construction to landscaping.

We will deliver:

  • Topsoil
  • White rock
  • Sand rock
  • Washed rock
  • Granite screenings
  • Pulverized limestone
  • Pea gravel
  • Red clay fill dirt
  • Stone
  • Mortar sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Crushed concrete

All About Lime

Lime rock, the largest produced crushed stone in the world, makes up three-quarters of the crushed stone produced is limestone, along with dolomite. This sedimentary rock is mainly comprised of the mineral calcite and forms the basics of the building industry as an aggregate in concrete and cement.

Crushed lime rock is excellent for road construction, frequently used as railroad ballast, filter stone, French drains, asphalt, and pavers. Larger lime rock is used in landscaping to build accent boulders, garden walls, and bank and shore lining for decorative erosion control.

All About Rock

Rock comes in many forms, sizes, colors and shapes. There is a large variety available for delivery, such as marble, limestone, sandstone, basalt, sandstone, quartzite, travertine, slate, laterite, and granite. Larger pieces of stone can be used for engineering projects such as the construction of bridge abutments, offshore structures, and dams, and can be used for building steps, walls and flooring.

3 Benefits of Rock and Lime Delivery

If you work in the construction business, you need rocks and lime – lots of it. We can get it to you! Check out these top three advantages of our rock and lime delivery. Our delivery process is:

A tractor picking up rock as part of a Rock and Lime Delivery
  • Consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to knowing when your next delivery will be. You can’t afford the downtime that comes with shutting down business because you’re waiting on a supply. With a single lime and rock source, you receive more consistent service over time.
  • Streamlined: Our rock and lime delivery streamlines your processes because you don’t have to search for the most affordable providers always. By signing with us, you’re saving time and hassle.
  • Affordable: You pay more for rock and lime when you have to travel to a central source on your own time. We come to you, making the whole process more affordable.

Contact Bolduc and Sons

To learn more about our convenient rock and lime delivery services, contact us at 309-334-2153. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.