Custom Spraying


Custom Spraying

Quality Custom Farm Sprayers

Bolduc and Sons is your first choice when you need custom farm sprayers for your agricultural operation throughout Illinois and beyond. We offer this service as part of our Bolduc Ag division, where we also offer custom spraying, custom lime and fertilizer application, grid mapping, soil testing, and custom ammonia application. Additionally, we spray and apply fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to protect your crops. Our fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides (cash and carry), as well as custom farm sprayers, are available throughout Henry, Stark, and Knox counties.

Four generations strong, our company has been doing this for decades, as we own and operate three divisions: Bolduc Transportation, Woodhull Oil, and Bolduc Ag. Our services are designed to keep your business running at optimal efficiency, whether you’re in the agriculture or construction industry. See why so many farmers and growers choose us for our custom farm sprayers, timely services, quality products and affordable rates.

How to Choose an Agriculture Sprayer

Agriculture sprayers are systems designed to generate pressure to apply fluid from a tank to the sprayer’s nozzle to the crop or soil. Featuring a wide range of specifications that dictate performance abilities and suitability for various applications, it’s essential to understand their characteristics so you can choose the right sprayer for you.

There are many sprayer solutions today, from backpack and ATV to tow behind and truck bed. All sprayers are different when it comes to:

  • Nozzle quantities
  • Max PSI pressure
  • GPM flow rates
  • Sprayer pump type
  • Tank gallon volume range
  • Max spray coverage
  • Maneuverability
  • Total hose and nozzle reach

Sprayers are used primarily to distribute water, insecticides, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.


  1. Know what job you need to do so you can match those needs with the right sprayer, whether you need it for perimeter treatments, spot applications, grow operations or row crops.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the different sprayer types, model differences, and optimum work use scenarios. For example, boomless sprayers are best for wide-swath coverage of difficult-to-reach areas, while mist sprayers are better for full-depth spray coverage.
  3. Determine the performance specifications and equipment components of the sprayer you are considering.
  4. Determine chemical compatibility between the sprayer pump, hose, and gasket.
Custom Farm Sprayers

You should also know the requirements of your sprayer, of which there are many variables, such as:

  • Spray Area Size
  • Target
  • Location and Terrain
  • Sprayer Fluid GPM Rate
  • PSI Pressure
  • Total Spray Project Fluid Volume
  • Tank Gallon Capacity
  • Frequency
  • Duration

Here at Bolduc and Sons, we work with you to select the right sprayer for your specific needs.

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To learn more about our custom farm sprayers, contact us at 309-334-2153. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.